The Impactzone is a private shooting facility west of Houston.  It is open to the public only during supervised events such as competitions or training. 

Impactzone is the host facility for several of Houston’s largest & most active competitive shooting clubs including West Houston Shooters Club, and is also the preferred training facility for several of the nation's top defensive & competitive firearms instructors.

If you have an interest in evaluating your shooting skills in a friendly, yet competitive arena, or receiving further instruction in shooting techniques or defensive tactics from experienced instructors, please check Impactzone's schedule of training & competition.

Green arrow marks the entrance to The Impactzone.
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   For those of you with GPS:
   Latitude 29.93068,         Longitude -96.053617
   Latitude 29° 55' 50.44", Longitude -96° 3' 13.02"

   Address: 10878 Kerr Rd. Hempstead, TX 77445

The 1st Law
All Guns Are
Always Loaded!

The 2nd Law
 Never Point The Muzzle
At Something You Are
Not Willing To Destroy!

The 3rd Law
Keep Your Finger
Off The Trigger
Until Your Sights
Are On The Target!

The 4th Law
Identify Your Target,
And What Is Behind It!